Selling a Home

Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. With such high stakes and so many important steps, it is critical to do it right. That’s where Rochelle Moon Realty comes in. At Rochelle Moon Realty, we are committed to being with you at each step of the home-selling process. Our expertise, resources, and diligence ensure the selling process is as seamless and profitable for you as possible.

What to expect when you’re selling a home.

The real estate marketplace can be competitive. Finding the right buyer often requires proper staging, marketing, and timing. At Rochelle Moon Realty, we take a comprehensive approach to the sales process.

When you consider listing your home with Rochelle Moon Realty, one of the first things we will do is tour your home and provide insight on what will help sell your home. During this meeting, we will discuss marketing strategies and the process of selling your home. At this time, we will also give you a general idea of what homes are currently for sale in your area and what homes in your area have sold for recently.

After visiting your home, we will work to determine an appropriate list price for your home. We will check to see what comparable homes are for sale in the area. We will also see what homes have sold in your area recently. Once there is an agreed upon list price, all parties will sign the documents previously discussed during the first meeting. At this time, we will also arrange a time to take marketing photos and measurements.

When your home is ready to list, depending on what we have previously discussed, a yard sign and lockbox will be placed on the property and the home will be posted online. While your home is for sale, we will review all offers with you and negotiate the terms as needed. Once an offer has been accepted and all parties have signed the necessary paperwork, your home is officially under contract!

What to expect once your home is under contract.

When your home is under contract, our office will communicate with you, the buyers agent, and the attorney in order to provide a seamless home selling experience. Below are a few things you should know once your home is under contract. Please know that the list below is not all-inclusive.

  • Inspections: The buyer may or may not elect to have inspections. If the buyer elects to have any inspections, the buyers agent will notify us of the date and time. After the inspections have been completed, the buyer may or may not ask for repairs and/or concessions. The request for repairs/concessions is negotiable.
  • Lending: If the buyer purchases the home with a loan, the loan will go through underwriting and an appraisal is performed. Our office will request frequent updates from the buyers agent on the loan status.
  • Attorney: Typically, the attorney will provide a seller information sheet for you to fill out. This form can vary from law office to law office, but our office is available to assist you with any questions you may have. Our office will speak to the attorneys office to confirm the date, time, and location for closing.
  • Preparation: As closing day approaches, our office will review the figures sent over by the attorney/lender for accuracy. Our office will also review the figures with you. Typically before closing, the buyers agent will schedule a final walk through of your home with the buyers.

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